New Orleans African American Museum

When you say African-American AND history my interest is immediately peaked. There is a list of things I’d like to do now that I’m back in my hometown and visiting the Nola A.A. museum in historic Treme was tops on my list.

I love these old cottages & all that was missing were the rocking chairs and glasses of sweet iced tea.
Historic cottage

One rainy morning last week my friend and I had a “Girls DAY out” and visited the museum. We did a self-tour of the exhibits and one that really impressed me was of a beautiful bedroom suite made in the 1800’s by a free man of color named Barjon. Barjon gave the suite to his daughter for her 16th birthday and she was said to have kept it until her death. It was absolutely gorgeous. The family ran a successful furniture making business and the pieces were exquisitely crafted. Unfortunately, pictures were not allowed but I did sneak a shot next to Marie Laveau, famous voodoo queen.

Aunt Marie taught me my mojo 😉
There are two additional cottages on the property with exhibits open for viewing as well as slave quarters that are not for touring.

After the museum, we had lunch at the famous Lil Dizzy’s cafe located around the corner where I enjoyed a spicy shrimp salad.

Moss draped trees

I love nature’s beauty and moss draped trees are top on my list of things I LOVE. These trees are so peaceful looking and remind me of days long past. Once upon a time when the main source of transportation was horse and wagon, men earned a living off the land by picking moss from trees. They filled their wagon beds with moss and returned home where the moss underwent the process of curing until it turned black.  It was then taken to a factory that further processed and cleaned the moss. The moss would be used to stuff furniture and bedding.  I find the history of moss picking fascinating, but I most enjoy looking upon the beautiful things God has blessed us with here on earth. It feeds my spirit.