Country Fun Natchitoches Part II

I visited Melrose Plantation and had high expectations but was a little disappointed. There were a LOT of additions and changes to the property that made me feel I was experiencing a less than authentic plantation experience. The grounds are beautiful and located across from Cane River but I wish we’d toured the grounds only versus the entire plantation tour that was actually very boring.


Clementine Hunter – sharecropper turned artist lived in this home.




Can you imagine having to pick hundreds of pounds of cotton daily?


A caterpillar is in my shirt! Ouch! Hold up, the country ain’t fun!


Love the greenery & country peacefulness.


Yucca House or “African House” built between 1800- 1830


  1. Oh wow that's awesome that it's standing and in such great condition!


  2. LeTroy Cooke says:

    Love the pics. Looks like a great place to visit minus the caterpillar worm. 🙂


  3. Gorgeous scenery!


  4. Brandi says:

    Looks like a quiet place to visit. Glad you and your husband enjoyed your time there.


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