May 21, 2005 – Old Journal Entry

Awesome has slept so much today.

He must be growing. I think he’s over
the stomach flu because he hasn’t vomited anymore.

His toes look so cute.
I am going to kiss them. 🙂

Now he’s got big boy toes that do NOT get kissed, lol.

I stumbled across this entry and smiled from ear to ear. We often forget those special little moments but documenting them sparks one’s memory, which is a huge benefit to keeping a journal. My Awesome was five months old when I wrote this and he’s a big boy of seven now. I love reading back through my old journal entries and remembering such pleasant times. 

Do you journal?


  1. aw this is so cute 😉


  2. yes…and they grow so fast!! very spiritual director has recommended to me to keep a journal…
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    happy Mothers day!


  3. ATACADAS says:



  4. Yes ma'am!! But usually when I am angry… lol.


  5. cute little feet, sorry to hear that has been was sick, hope he is ok now. I used to journal my boys pictures, now I am getting so lazy. It nice to read the journals to see how much they have grown!



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