French Quarter Festival

There’s ALWAYS a festival in New Orleans and there’s ALWAYS great food to be had!

Carriage rides are so romantic in the Vieux Carre
The MIGHTY Mississippi River. My most favorite view of the city is behind me.

It was such a perfect warm day on Friday of the festival. I soaked up the sun and could’ve stayed for hours but mommy duties called. There were several stages of bands playing (free live entertainment) and too many food and drink booths to count. Sunday was way overcrowded and not as peaceful as Friday but still enjoyable.  If you’re planning a trip to New Orleans this festival would be a great one to catch!


  1. The food looks absolutely amazing and I am super jealous of the warmer weather! So to answer your question, my style has evolved a lot since I started blogging a year ago. I knew exactly what worked but I never challenged myself to try other things like a bright full skirted cocktail dress, scarf printed items, mixing patterns. I had an abudance of clothes but it was all the same. The longer you blog and the more photos of outfits you take and you see other bloggers trying out things…you'll feel inspired to try something new!


  2. Lol my friend is from “N'awlins” and she is ALWAYS raving about the foor… it does look yummy

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  3. I would so like to try the sushi crawfish rolls and the shrimp cakes! I'm trying to find some time to get back to LA to attend the Essence festival. Your pictures are lovely!


  4. These look so yummy 🙂
    Awesome blog 🙂


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